67% of millennials do not own or want a credit card.

Card-not-present fraud in the U.S is projected to climb from $3.1B in 2015 to $6.4B in 2018 .

More than two thirds of Americans do not trust finacial institutions.

Zogo is a revolutionary mobile payment system designed with the consumer in mind. We believe that a financial platform must ensure security, affordability and convenience for its users. Through state-of-the-art technology, we are building a platform that will replace the current outdated payment infrastructure with the next generation form of payment.

Zogo is the years-long brainchild of an in-depth examination of the current credit system. We looked at the landscape and saw gaping holes: Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency, affecting the personal and financial data of billions of people all over the world. In the US alone, card-not-present fraud is projected to climb from $3.1B to $6.4B in 2018. Trust in financial institutions is eroding, driven in particular by Americans under 35 years of age who are the least likely adults to own or even want a credit card. It makes sense. After all, our vulnerable data is held in the hands of a few massive institutions.

We deserve better. And that’s what drives Zogo. Our mission is simple.

We will be a convenient one-stop-shop for your financial transactions. Since your smart phone is always at your side, why not use it for all your purchases? From paying for a takeout order and splitting the utility bill with your roommates to sending money to your family for the next group vacation, there’s no need to pull out a card or enter all the cumbersome details at check out. And speaking of cards…

We will eliminate the need for a plastic credit card. Those physical sixteen digits make your financial data extremely vulnerable to fraudulent purchases and hackers. Security is our top priority. But, credit isn’t going anywhere…

We will make access to credit more affordable and easier. In today’s system, our access to credit relies on a few behemoth companies that charge high interest rates and unforgiving fees. We are transparent about our low fees, there are never hidden costs, and we’ll never sell your data.

Our financial lives can be complicated, but Zogo is here to make them simpler and safer. Join us.